Made in Germany

LOCHRIP® reinforced 0,3

Highly stable carriers for plaster/render with stiffening ribs, and carriers for lightweight constructions with long spans, also suitable for greater thicknesses of plaster/render.


LOCHRIP® data sheet
RIP®-Series processing instructions

MaterialCold-rolled steel strip, Galvanised
Area of Use
  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Newbuild
  • Renovation
  • Conservation of historical buildings
Rib height10 mm
Material thickness0,3 mm
Self supporting span in the direction of the ribs up to750 mm
Breite60 cm
Sheet size options for all thickness2.500 x 600 mm
Area1.050 qm/pallet
Weight1,173 kg/qm approx.
Sheets per pallet700
Sheets per pack20